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How to solve error code OxE5 or 0xE5 on Epson printers

The error code OxE5 or 0xE5 appears when there is a loss of speed.. It could happen on these Epson printers: R1800, R1900, R2000, R2400, R2880, R3000, WF3010, WF3011, WF3012, WF3520, WF3521, WF3530, WF3531, WF3232, WF3540, WF3541, WF5690, WF4640, WF4630, WF5620, WF5190, WF5110, WF7110, WF7610, WF7620, XP55, XP510, XP520, XP600, XP601, XP605, XP610, XP615, XP620, XP621, XP625, XP700, XP701, XP702, XP710, XP720, XP721, XP750, XP760, XP800, XP801, XP802, XP810, XP820, XP821, XP850, XP860, XP950

There are several origins:

Solution 1:
failure of the encoder strip: clean it with a soft cloth.
Solution 2:
Paper jam: check for any foreign object inside the printer.
Solution 3:
Check the belt: is it well seated ?
Solution 4:
Failure of the main board

How to solve error code 18H on Konica-Minolta Magicolor 2490MF printer

The error code 18H or INIT. CYCLE SVP 18H is a heating cycle failure of the printer.

Solution 1:
Check if the fuser is well seated.
Solution 2:
Check the fuser, the power supply and main board connections.
Solution 3:
Check the safety lever
Solution 4:
The fuser, the power supply or the main board could be defective.

How to solve error 009-654 with Dell C1760NW, 1660W, 1350cnw printers

Solution 1:
Power off the printer and unplug the power cableWait 10 minutes.Plug back et switch on
Solution 2:
Power off the printer and unplug the power cablePress the power button for 30 secondsRemove the 4 toner cartridgesDownload and installe the last USB driver and the last firware: back et switch onInstall the toner cartridges
Solution 3:
Switch off and on the printerIf the problem persis, remove the tranfer belt.Reinstall the toner cartridges

How to solve error C4200 on Kyocera KM-1650, KM-2050 printers

The error code C4200 means the laser scanner could be defective, or the polygon motor, or the mainboard.

Solution 1:
Switch off and unplug the printer for 20 minutesPlug back and switch on.
Solution 2:
Replace the scanner laser (LSU): 302C993092
Solution 3:
Replace the mainboard (302DA94020 or 302DA93030)
Solution 4:
Replace the motor board (302DB93011 or 302DB93010)

How to replace the fuser LY6754001 on Brother DCP-9020CDW, HL-3140CW printers

Here is the procedure to replace the fuser LY6754001, LR2232001on these Brother printers:
DCP-9020CDW, HL-3140CW, HL-3150CDW, HL-3170CDW, MFC-9140CDN, MFC-9330CDW, MFC-9340CDW.

Printhead list for Canon printers

QY6-0031-000: BJC610 - BJC620QY6-0034-000: I6300 - I6500 - S500 - S520 - S530D - S600 - S6000 - S630 - S6300 - MPC400 - MPC600F - Multipass: F30 - F50 - S500 - S520 - S530D - S600 - S630 - S6300QY6-0035-000: BJC8200 - S800 QY6-0037-000: IP1800 - S300 - S330 - MPC190 - MPC200 - Multipass: F20QY6-0038-000: S200 - S200X QY6-0039-000: I910 - S900 - S9000QY6-0040-000: S800 - S820D - S830 - S830DQY6-0041-000: S70 - S750 - Multipass: F60 - F80 QY6-0043-000: I950 - I960 - I965 QY6-0044-000: I250 - I320 - I350 - IP1000 QY6-0045-000: I550 - I550X QY6-0046-000: I470D - I70QY6-0049-000: I860 - I865 - IP4000 - IP4000R - MP750 - MP760 - MP780 - MP770 - MP790 QY6-0050-000: I900 - I950 - IP6000DQY6-0052-000: I80 - IP90QY6-0053-000: I990 QY6-0054-000: I450 - I455 - I470D - I475D - IP1500QY6-0055-000: I9950 - IP8500 QY6-0056-000: DELPHY DS700 - DELPHY DS810 QY6-0057-000: IP5000QY6-0059-000: IP4200 - MP500 - MP530QY6-0061-000: IP4300, IP5200, IP5200R, MP600, MP800, MP800R, MP830QY6-0062-000: MP970QY6-0063-000: I…

Printhead list for Brother printers

LK3197001: DCP6690CW, MFC6490, MFC6490CW, MFC6890CDW, MFC5890CN, MFC-795CW

LK3211001: Fax 1355, DCP145, DCP163C, DCP165C, DCP167C, DCP185C, DCP195, DCP195C, DCP365, DCP365CN, DCP373CW, DCP375CW, DCP377CW, DCP383C, DCP385C, DCP387C, DCP395CN, DCP585C, DCP585CW, DCPJ125, DCPJ315W, DCPJ515W, DCPJ615W, DCPJ715W, MFC290C, MFC297C, MFC490CW, MFC790CW, MFC795CW, MFC990CW, MFCJ265W, MFCJ270W, MFCJ410, MFCJ415W, MFCJ430W, MFCJ630W

LK2179001: Fax 2480C, Fax 2580C, DCP 130C, DCP 135C, DCP 150C, DCP 153C, DCP 155C, DCP 330C, DCP 350C, DCP 353C, DCP 357C, DCP540CN, DCP560CN, DCP750CW, DCP770CW, MFC 845CW

LK5374001: MFC-J5910DW, MFC-J6510DW, MFC-J6710DW, MFC-J6910DW 
LK6584001: MFC-J6520 MFC-J6720 MFC-J6920

LK6090001: DCP-J525W / DCP-J725DW / DCP-J925DW / MFC-J430W / MFC-J625DW / MFC-J825DW / MFC-J835DW